Celebrating Ganeshotsav

‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ – the one chant you shall hear out of every corner in Maharashtra these days of the year! As we celebrate the biggest public festival of India, there’s this great happy feeling all over the state of Maharashtra …. Maharashtra which loves festivals and their magnanimous celebrations! [For people outside India, Maharashtra is a western state in India with Mumbai as the capital city]

From school-going children to their busy parents, from young pulse to the nostalgic generations ….. Every one participates in the celebration of happiness and humanity. The gala of Ganpati, who’s the deity of arts and beauty, brings the best out of artistes all through the celebration which lasts a good part of ten days.

As usual the threat of extremists looms large over the festival. Maharashtra, as the most liberal, rich and industrialized state, sits at the center spot of the terrorists. India’s weak response to earlier attacks, shameful lack of political will, consistently misguided and misguiding media alongwith extra accommodating policies as an overtly ‘proudly democratic’ nation have made India as a single combined softest and biggest victim of terrorism.

The political party which has ruled the nation for longest duration focuses majorly on vote bank politics. Hard stances are a strict no-no for Indian republic which has always been concerned about Minorities in the short run. That has made the nation weak and fragile. Compounding the worries is the increasing deficit in police-civilian ratio.

That Maharashtra has its own law against organized crime alongwith better expertise in handling the terrorism has made it a little better for its residents. We trust the able,never-sleeping security department of ours. Let’s keep the joyous mood alive and beating !

‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’

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