The Modi-driven social change has taken off

India’s thinking brains are now discussing “What should be Modi government’s priority?”

While there are several problems that India faces, it’s always good to have top ‘n’ priorities listed (where n is easily countable) to establish a government’s targets and later, evaluate them.

India is not at a stage where we need to focus on just the materialistic growth (combating poverty, infrastructure, economy, healthcare). The country is still maturing on as a society and I believe we also need to equally (if not more) measure Modi’s performance on that scale.

At this level of maturity, social progression is extremely necessary to help the quantifiable growth. Continue reading

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How Narendra Modi has changed the Indian political system! (ALREADY!)

Disclaimer – I’m not going to let statistics dominate what I’m going to write, so brace for reasonable approximations and extrapolations.

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With Aaron Swartz, open internet has died a death!

It will be extremely hard to forget one of the most talented and extremely passionate personalities that our generation has seen. RIP Aaron Swartz, a person who always fought for an open internet, social justice.

Even though I do not agree with the means Aaron Swartz adopted to fight social injustice – but pressurizing someone who was so brave into committing a suicide is just not acceptable. Shame on DoJ and MIT administration for prosecuting Aaron like a terrorist!

I completely agree with and endorse this WaPo piece that remembers him as an American hero. You will always be remembered, Aaron!

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Delhi gang-rape: The fight against rape has only started

Note: these words are not anywhere close to the level of anger (and shame and frustration) that I feel while writing.

This happened. India got ashamed of itself.

Death is the only appropriate for such heinous and inhuman crime where the victim is left to live with insurmountable number of physical and even worse, emotional scars. I support the capital punishment to instil the fear in the minds of potential criminals but would it ever make the problem go away? Have murders stopped since we introduced the capital punishment?
Death penalty, to me, is just a part of the solution! Continue reading

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Still not too late to act against SOPA!

Today – marked by Go Daddy (the largest internet web-hosting service) retracting its support for SOPA – is the day I’ve chosen to extend my personal appeal against this evil act

Being more than a network, Internet is something that has brought the world together. It is widely regarded as the epitome of free speech and non-discrimination. We all have thrived, learned and shared on internet like nothing else in our lives. And SOPA is out to destroy it! Continue reading

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