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With Aaron Swartz, open internet has died a death!

It will be extremely hard to forget one of the most talented and extremely passionate personalities that our generation has seen. RIP Aaron Swartz, a person who always fought for an open internet, social justice.

Even though I do not agree with the means Aaron Swartz adopted to fight social injustice – but pressurizing someone who was so brave into committing a suicide is just not acceptable. Shame on DoJ and MIT administration for prosecuting Aaron like a terrorist!

I completely agree with and endorse this WaPo piece that remembers him as an American hero. You will always be remembered, Aaron!

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Still not too late to act against SOPA!

Today – marked by Go Daddy (the largest internet web-hosting service) retracting its support for SOPA – is the day I’ve chosen to extend my personal appeal against this evil act

Being more than a network, Internet is something that has brought the world together. It is widely regarded as the epitome of free speech and non-discrimination. We all have thrived, learned and shared on internet like nothing else in our lives. And SOPA is out to destroy it! Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street – not worth it (at least, not yet)

With Occupy Wall Street protests spreading across the country, it’s hard to ignore it. Although it’s a peaceful expression of anguish & despair against the Wall Street & the White house, I’m not too excited about it. Here’s why: Continue reading

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Wikileaks & right to express

Without a semblance of doubt, last couple of weeks in international have been dominated by Wikileaks, whistleblower journalism & freedom of speech – oh, there you go again!

The information leaked by Wikileaks (or claimed to have been possessed) coupled with the sensitivity & criticality is definitely the LARGEST piece of information ever that was supposed to be secret has been released. Of course, without even thinking a bit, I’d laud the courage of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange of taking on the US diplomacy. This announcement is where it all started, this time. Definitely not the first time for Wikileaks! Continue reading

One’s loss = other’s gain

American (or say, World) recession has turned out to be a horrific reality – The great American dream is shattered, China’s Manufacturing industry is reeling under pressure, Europe’s playing too safe.

The US is putting in money wherever it sees problems (the traditionally American way of solving the problems), Obama has incentivized hiring but saturation & positivity ballooned have taken their toll.

The Wall Street is full with money without trust!

All said, all read – I would not comment further on current conditions & solutions. However, there are some pointers that have not missed my eye (or my mind).

The American entrepreneurs/capitalists have launched a movement (readers might have heard of it):

It’s extremely critical to fuel the boost for long terms & create meaningful long-run jobs for us to get out of this mess.

It’s sad to see India once again being a slow starter!

Our sorry story is not just limited to physical infrastructure – the roadblocks in broadband penetration are too discouraging – Indian IT growth is repeatedly failing to solve India’s problems!

India could be hugely benefitted to make moves at this time – India can turn this recession into a boon for economy. We already are a better market than China & with tighter monetary controls, less risky than USA.

  1. Urban-Rural disconnect hampers India’s comprehensive growth again & again – India probably has the highest delta in the world in this regard
  2. India stands at a stage where it’s gotta balance between migration & globalization – we still are heavily confused
  3. Weak policies & weaker implementations do not help much either – India always starts on defensive
  4. Cultural & social barriers majorly block India’s juggernaut – failures are a still a crime!

However, I’d still say it’s a great place to startup!

Shortcomings cease to look bad the moment those are viewed as opportunities!

Bottoms-up growth model, reasonably strong mobile phones networks, decent emphasis on rural strengths, strong consumerism & above all, the People (a nation with astonishingly high young population) make India a land of opportunities.

We also enjoy substantial NRI Investments & other FDIs.

India has still got huge chunk to offer in philanthropy, healthcare, energy, petroleum & social businesses. Cultures & languages stem a new & one-of-its-kind model of entrepreneurship.

All we need is some support from the top, some aggressive policy making by the government to leverage the growth.

  1. We don’t need a startup Visa program – we need to nurture our own entrepreneurs
  2. Still need to boost high-end education & research facilities to retain talent & stop unnecessary emigration (this doesn’t mean setting up colleges tagged IIT,IIM in villages, quality supervision is paramount)
  3. There is GOT to be a Radical shift in traditional policy making process – India has grown more than it’s leaders ever expected it to
  4. Little more opening up the market wouldn’t hurt either (though, debatable)
  5. For the n’th time: Every type of infrastructure needs an immediate overhaul in India

Too much to hope, waiting for some satisfaction!