Occupy Wall Street – not worth it (at least, not yet)

With Occupy Wall Street protests spreading across the country, it’s hard to ignore it. Although it’s a peaceful expression of anguish & despair against the Wall Street & the White house, I’m not too excited about it. Here’s why:

1. Social media wild spread – it affects people more than you think.

Arab spring demonstrators, the Japanese, UK protesters all used it to their advantage and now, Social sites are yet again proving an engine to spark off the ‘Occupy everywhere’ unrest in the US & Canada. This is the best time to utilize that grey matter (whether you support or oppose the cause) before clicking on that ‘donate’ or ‘retweet’ or ‘like’ button.

2. Again, no clear message.

Absence of directed leadership & lack of a clear message is extremely dangerous – violence, looting & mob mentality screwed up protests in other parts of the world.

3. Non-cooperation – Hmm, I think we can do better.

Even if I ignore my aversion to noncooperation, stalling day-to-day life is not the best form of protest. Not many are happy with the current economic situation and job market but there’s never a good reason to paralyze other people’s work and destabilize business-as-usual.

4. Media’s not sacrosanct.

Conventional or modern, media is our best source for information but trusting it blindly is fatal. Media may not always report the ground reality. Majority of mass protests around the world are ‘created’, ‘ignited’ & ‘destroyed’ with strong business interests.

5. Capitalism is not always bad.

It might not be a good idea to suddenly start hyper-taxing the rich: a large community of VCs & angel investors in the US has immensely helped intelligent sectors like Silicon Valley & startup scenes across the world. Taking away money from them might mean capital dearth for the budding business fraternity – which would result in dampening jobs creation.

As a side-note, Gates foundation & Warren Buffet foundation (both belonging to USA) are great examples of philanthropy. IMO, the American 1% are helping the world more than any other set of top 1%.

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8 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street – not worth it (at least, not yet)

  1. Rucha Sharma says:

    Sharp observation. I really wonder what led these people to loath their own ideology of capitalism?


  2. Interesting article Yo ! Agrees with most of your points… Direction less thing is really a bad part !


    • When you’re down (like the ongoing negative sentiment around), you wanna belong to some group & get together with people facing similar problems — I guess that’s when mob mentality takes over individual intellect.


  3. Erica says:

    I’ve been reading this blog for a few months now & simplicity of your thoughts still surprise me – you have, if I were really to use a word, an unpolluted mind. Way to go!

    These protests have become global over the last weekend & its intensity just can’t be ignored. I’m not sure whether I support or oppose that ‘corporate greed’. I just hope something good comes out of it..


  4. Thanks Erica, the admiration is mutual 🙂

    I also hope something good comes out of it; but should we blindly support something ‘hoping’ that involvement of a lot of people will bring out good?


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