Still not too late to act against SOPA!

Today – marked by Go Daddy (the largest internet web-hosting service) retracting its support for SOPA – is the day I’ve chosen to extend my personal appeal against this evil act

Being more than a network, Internet is something that has brought the world together. It is widely regarded as the epitome of free speech and non-discrimination. We all have thrived, learned and shared on internet like nothing else in our lives. And SOPA is out to destroy it!

Propelled by Cable/entertainment industry lobbying and pushed up by some proudly-tech-ignorant Congressmen, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) proposes to let corporations (which claim the originality of the content) make internet service providers to alter DNS (domain name system), blacklist competitive sites from search engines, have payment gateways block competitors and ad payments being refused to ‘Content-Stealers’ (typically, SMBs, freelancing content developers and startups).

The large American outcry against SOPA (where more than 40 companies have come out against SOPA) has not helped yet. Rep. Lamar Smith is trying harder to help his friends in Hollywood and let’s expect the entertainment industry to lobby even more aggressively in the New Year. If that’s not bad enough, the Senate is considering PIPA (Protect IP Act) which could be as detrimental as SOPA.

For internet users outside the US, this is going to affect even more – as SOPA aims to censor foreign hosted websites. SOPA can’t stop piracy but it will paralyze the single most important innovation that we have been benefited by i.e. Internet.

If you’ve been oblivious of the biggest attack on Internet and online free speech till now or if you have chosen to stay quiet so far, this news might make you feel less ignorant – YOU can still act against SOPA. This is critical for you, for me, for all those under-privileged who benefit directly/indirectly from the Internet.

Here’s where you can sign a petition and let American Congress know that like me, you also stand against SOPA:

Oh, and Happy Holidays! 🙂

If you wish, dig in some more on SOPA at some of the most thoughtful oppositions:

The Verge:

Electronic Frontier Foundation:

Stanford Law Review:

Mother Board Vice:


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2 thoughts on “Still not too late to act against SOPA!

  1. Matt Thompson says:

    Even with SOPA and PIPA getting thrown out, people should expect threats to online freedom. It is now one of the basic rights as per UN. Hope you have signed the declaration of internet freedom:


    • I think it’s going to be difficult to fight for internet freedom across several countries around the world but free Internet, in the long run, works in favor of the tech industry. Something for them to shoot for!

      Also, definition of freedom and dynamics could be different for nations.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment, Matt.


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