Delhi gang-rape: The fight against rape has only started

Note: these words are not anywhere close to the level of anger (and shame and frustration) that I feel while writing.

This happened. India got ashamed of itself.

Death is the only appropriate for such heinous and inhuman crime where the victim is left to live with insurmountable number of physical and even worse, emotional scars. I support the capital punishment to instil the fear in the minds of potential criminals but would it ever make the problem go away? Have murders stopped since we introduced the capital punishment?
Death penalty, to me, is just a part of the solution!

Why should just a single incident committed AGAINST the wish of a person should ever come to haunt that person for ever? – It’s also about what kind of treatment society hands out to a victim (which stays on with the victim for much longer than the act of rape itself). How do we change the chauvinist mindset? How do we improve the sex ratio? Male-dominated, women-starved society scars the rape victim more than the rapist. There. I said it.

How about the implementation?
Go through this view. Quoting the article: “It takes is a bribe of Rs 15,000-20,000 to the local thanedar (local policeman) to get a false first information report (FIR) registered. And it takes Rs 500-1000 to the babu (officer) at the court to ensure that the case does not come up for hearing, every time it is scheduled.

Let’s ask to ourselves: what improved in Mumbai after 26/11? What happened to Salman Khan after he killed a person? And what kind of country do we live in?

I’d like to say to the girl and her family: “I am extremely sorry for what you had to go through”. And, I like to think (once more, hoping) that since we’re sensitized towards this issue, we should let it slip into a hyper-bureaucratic, ill-implemented law – the fight against Rape is going to last longer than we think!

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One thought on “Delhi gang-rape: The fight against rape has only started

  1. Mr Hyderabad says:

    Lawyers and Judiciary system in India are the most dull and insensitive in India. Lawyers are just rote learner of written laws in law book. They don?t have any intelligent and sensitiveness built inside and we expect such people to give justice to us.


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