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The Modi-driven social change has taken off

India’s thinking brains are now discussing “What should be Modi government’s priority?”

While there are several problems that India faces, it’s always good to have top ‘n’ priorities listed (where n is easily countable) to establish a government’s targets and later, evaluate them.

India is not at a stage where we need to focus on just the materialistic growth (combating poverty, infrastructure, economy, healthcare). The country is still maturing on as a society and I believe we also need to equally (if not more) measure Modi’s performance on that scale.

At this level of maturity, social progression is extremely necessary to help the quantifiable growth. Continue reading

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How Narendra Modi has changed the Indian political system! (ALREADY!)

Disclaimer – I’m not going to let statistics dominate what I’m going to write, so brace for reasonable approximations and extrapolations.

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