Week after the blasts, after hundreds of coverage and analysis shows, thousands of blogs I could not help but agree with all of those. Almost everyone/everything had a point of view towards the blasts. Indeed, a time of grief and mourning …

Few are disappointed they have lost their acquaintances / family friends

Some are shattered by dilapidated Taj structure

Some want Manmohan Singh to step down at any cost

Few went to silly extents of challenging Raj Thackeray to fight the terrorists with a gun in his hand

All colors of a single protest, just that personal concerns tend to overshadow our protests, regularly !

I …..

I don’t belong any one of the above categories

I am not Hindu / Muslim / Jew / Christian

I am not a regular at Taj / Oberoi

I do not travel by local trains

I stay in Pune and visit Mumbai once every around two months

I have been to the Gateway of India 3-4 times in my life

None of my friends/relatives staying suffered directly from these blasts

Still an attack on Mumbai is an attack on my home, in all the ways ….

Yet, I can’t help but confess that I was devastated mentally on 11/26, I feel numb and helpless just like many around me do

I don’t have a good leader around, someone who can protect me from terror attacks …. The politicians are too busy carving out election agendas out of terror attacks

I don’t have a coordinated security / well-equipped police to protect me …. they are themselves helpless

I don’t have a mature media to speak out through ….. they’re busy trying strategies for better TRPs or revealing out Indian forces’ ‘internal’ plots in open

And then, I don’t have sensible people around me ….. they are too busy with their work and personal growths or too busy to undergo security checks or to caste their votes or raise voices against terror / government

I felt embarrassing when my nation’s stock market was closed for an entire day

I felt insulted we had to lose billion of rupees and dollars due to attack on our own country

I felt dejected when best of Indian security forces could not fight 10 odd militants

It was personal when people (oops, another mistake …. They’re not people, they’re politicians) like Narendra Modi, K Achutanandan, R R Patil, Abbas Naqvi passed on their utterly silly comments

Well, I am not going to take things lying down ….. happily, this time, its not ‘I’ but ‘We’ …. There’s an awakening around ….. Congrats Mumbai !

We won’t let even outside areas for planning and commissioning terror on our soil, beware Pakistan

We won’t let anyone insult our martyrs

We will put all the make-up, lip-sticks and come out to protest, lets see who stops us

It will be OUR decision, if at all, not to vote for existing government, others need not advise us

If someone thinks these incidents are not very big, we’ll show them what price they have to pay for it

We are not going to be soft targets anymore and will start changing from ourselves, undergoing security checks and we’ll be casting our votes regularly

We will start practicing caution in crowded as well as lonely surroundings

We will be careful towards abandoned goods around us

We’ll carry our identity cards everywhere we go and fully cooperate in facilitating the security process

Keep looking on, we are moving forward !

Mumbai is ready to fight

Maharashtra is ready to fight

India is ready to fight

When I visit Mumbai next (very soon at that) I wanna go and visit Taj …. Oops sorry, I wanna visit ‘The Taj’, I wanna board train from CST next time …. I will walk Colaba streets for sure …. Let’s see who can stop me

5 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. Ram says:

    No one is going to stop you dude !’The Taj’ is going be built even stronger than ever. It will look even more b’ful than it was before. Same crowd will be there at CST. Terrorists have left us with no choice, but ‘to awaken’ and to protest them unitedly.Jai Hind !


  2. Just yesterday visited the Gate Way of India through the CST station ….something stopped me dude…….the traffic.Yes Mumbai,India is AWAKENING.Many CHEERS!!!


  3. sumit says:

    I agree with comments stated above, by this way only India become more prosperous and safer then ever. I am bit concerned about the role played by Indian Media, I appreciate the courage shown by reporter , cameraman etc of various news channel in bringing those live picture to us (. Indian Army desperately require such brave person.), and making operation TAJ more difficult. every moves and operation of NSG commandoes was shown continuously If terrorist has access to news channel , he will be more alert, they knew in advance commandoes are coming from behind. May be this make operation more difficult. Certain laws need to be enforced on Media. At least in this situation media should cooperate and understand that nation interest above than their TRP.JAI HIND


  4. Jagannath says:

    Yes, I join the country and make an oath that I will do whateber I have to do become a good citizen rather than putting the blame on the Government. I firmly believe that the government is a only a part of “we, the people” and logically it is a projection of the country. So we should change ourselves first. Going on rallies, questioning the politicians is so very “rang de basanti” style which I don’t think is practical. I think “swades” style would be more effective.


  5. Also pleasurable to see an Awakening India after a sorrowful India.


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