India, a superpower in making. No way !

Lack of water and power has affected the nation big time which has depicted some intense dependency on monsoons. Frequent load-shedding and simmering heat have aggravated north India’s woes this year. In Maharashtra, scarcity of monsoon rains in areas except Mumbai has had the cities reeling under pressure. Major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Hyderabad are without current for a few hours every day. Is it that India cannot provide drinking water unless it gets rains every year? Don’t we have the appropriate infrastructure for water supply or is it that we have been flooding people with too much of water all this while (irresponsible usage)? However, for power issues, it is definitely the lack of high capacity power generation stations and efficient transmission. Whatever the reason, these are definitely not the indicators that India is on its way of becoming a superpower. A superpower thinks ahead of the time, it plans in advance, it prepares itself for most of critical situations; India stands nowhere close. Basic amenities and infrastructure are a must for India to become a superpower.

India has decriminalized sex between two people of same gender, years after most other non-Muslim developing nations. Indians still think Hijras and Homosexuals are same. Look at the irony: in a secular and democratic nation called India, religious leaders from Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian sects have got a significant say in case of legalizing same sex relationships. The great Indian culture has never talked about gay sex (except a few statues in Khajuraho or some Mogul time literature) and we, an independent India, kept (in fact in our minds still keep) following 150-year old British law without ever questioning it. Many thanks to those gay organizations and groups for making our minds broader! I wish India realizes it could well become AIDS’ victim in next decade and we need to handle sexual trends and acknowledge Sex as one of the basic needs of every living animal. India, stop being over proud of your culture, every nation is culturally as rich as you are, get off that burden for once and grow up. A superpower needs to be a strong and liberal society first.

Another frame that could damage India’s claims of being on road for superpower is the way Public companies are being managed. With aviation minister admitting to AI’s total failure, India republic has completed a full circle in its PSU’s awful running. My sympathy goes to AI’s employees. Air India has been a story of a Bad organization (offering freebies to every possible and miniscule politician) with worse management (replete with babus under political pressure) looking down the barrel. It is high time we increase private share in AI or even Indian Railways. AI’s monopoly over several airports needs to be ripped off. Failure of PSUs coupled with lack of revenue generation schemes and reluctance to bring in professional corporate management while getting rid of red tapes have combined to make India lag behind rest of the growing world. I wonder if India has really opened its doors!

As a nation, are we always covering up? Isn’t this time we start thinking and planning ahead of time? Structure, ideas and implementation are different things, when are we going to realize that ideas/plans are fine enough and now we need more care on implementing them?

Hope the structural changes in the pipeline are brought out to fore and India’s leadership (with no left in it, thankfully) shows more intent and active intent at that.

One thought on “India, a superpower in making. No way !

  1. Onkar says:

    I almost have similar thoughts, but not as neat and well organized as yours. About gay rights, I think our country is still living a 3000 years old era. People still fight on the basic points like is it safe/unsafe, natural/unnatural assuming as if all things in our country are ideal and pure. There has been lot of discussion every year about the floods in Bihar, Bengal and north eastern part of india. Drought is like an every year phenomena now, but no government is able to take a firm stand on it and act on that plan. With all these extra ordinary achievements india is still dreaming of a superpower, god help india !


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