India to have next Silicon Valley: Yes

There isn’t much when it comes to difference between business scene anywhere in the world today. It has not remained special that we live in a totally globalized village called the world.

Whatever India has done, achieved is fantastic & India is definitely one nation that can keep it up – recent statements by Manmohan Singh, the Indian prime minister have re-iterated the beliefs that India has always been & will always pursue balanced growth.

India probably has the best talent set in the world & with Silicon Valley facing the heat due to economic slowdown, reverse brain drain could lead to more local talent in India.

India’s poor infrastructure & poor healthcare facilities actually add incentives to business growth – it opens up that many opportunities for businesses to penetrate Indian markets across segments. Lacking on basic amenities front also makes India an easy market ‘customers don’t expect the highest quality’

Though we have always had cultural barriers & produced out-of-the-shell, conventional IIT/IIM scholars, the radical shift in Gennext India’s thinking is significant. India’s set for a big attitude change. On the same lines, it is in fact great that ‘face of India’ is very young, there has been a constant shift of leadership powers from typical ‘old is gold’ category to ‘young & blunt’ psyche.

Nice to see so many young Indian CEOs & business leaders who are flexible in thought process & much quicker to adapt to changes – something that’s very critical in technology world. Though cultural trend shifting could take many years, it’s nice to see signals that India is on the brink.

Indians do crib a lot: may be they care more. It is necessary that criticism is directed to good channels & utilized. Even on that count, culture is taking a sharp turn in India.

Surging economy is another factor that’s driving investments in India – which has probably the most optimistic market today. Low-costs of entering, low-cost talent available in abundance could really gel well with friendly business environment to create next Silicon Valley in India.

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