Disinterest Vs Dislike

“I don’t give it a shit”

“Who cares?”

“Stop reporting non-issues”

These lines sound familiar to people who follow a lot of news stories, tech blogs or analysis aggregations around the web.

Okay. Let me put this straight – if you didn’t care you wouldn’t have landed on the page, you wouldn’t browsed the content neither would you have commented.

Blog fights are not new to the valley, to the alley & to media – & to almost every other industry. Bill Keller’s attack on Huff Post & Arianna Huffington’s response is the latest ‘famous’ addition to the list.

One the recent heated blog-war making Chinese mothers superior was met with fitting responses rooting for American mothers & defending American education system vs. Indian & Chinese ones.

You’d see a lot of comments around the web claiming apathy to the issue, when it’s not the case.

Wouldn’t be a bad time to look at my take on certain differences (from a social media perspective)

Disinterest Dislike
  • You have no opinion. You simply don’t care.
  • Disinteresting users will not follow the product (or a blog).
  • Marketing teams at social ventures would (or should?) ignore most of the users in this category.
  • You care. You have an opinion & it’s negative.
  • Disliking users will follow (or even buy) the product (or a blog).
  • Disliking users are a definite Target category for social media. Some of these people can prove the best test for your product. Remember, some invaluable suggestions come from haters!

So, is it just the people who don’t understand the difference between disinterest & dislike?

No & the biggest example is Facebook – it is just everywhere. Even at places I don’t want it to be at. Of course, there’s an obvious ambition of having the ability to drive the entire web through Facebook and to users benefit – a congregating service for all your web activity and benefit of relevance, recommendation about using a certain service.

But, you wouldn’t want your mom to know everything you see. You wouldn’t want your professional Linkedin contacts to see you approaching their competitors –

Neither would I wanna know what all my Facebook friends are doing on across the web – <Disinteresting>

Partnership like Skype-Facebook or probable alliance Amazon-Facebook would make sense but not much else; definitely not ‘too-much-unwanted-transparency’.

Solution as of now – stop using the social connects until there’s mask-update/hide-update feature and wait for a line to be drawn between transparency & non-privacy.


One thought on “Disinterest Vs Dislike

  1. Interesting post Yo ! 🙂
    100% agree with the ‘transparency & privacy’ stuff 🙂


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