Inflation sucks!

As the sun is set to set, I am writing this down sitting in my cozy room almost unaffected. I couldn’t agree more with people who call me impulsive as I put this text down.

Where we go, inflation follows, be it malls, super markets, colleges, banks or even a bhaajiwali. Let me tell you am not going to write about how a particular industry is affected, how a particular index is going up or some share prices going down nor am I going deep with the famous ‘common man’ issue.

However, thinking about the children in north Karnataka who won’t be getting mid-day meals everyday hence on and the ‘cheap’ labors in Mumbai, Delhi who have to do cost-cutting on their food consumption as their wages are still to come to terms with the rising prices and the farmers who were once termed ‘driving force of India’ who are now waiting for the harvest season to arrive sooner, depresses me no end.

Why only them? Look at ‘cost effective resources’ of call centers and software co’s, are they any better ? They too have been hit hard with recession in the US. Challenge now is to find the root reason for this or else find a better way ahead. Who’s going to do that ?

Government ? And the Indian one at that ? Do we need to rush to the US for this thing too ? Or ourselves after all ?

As an Indian, Who am I ? A software engineer who wants to go to the US and lead a ‘steady and hassle-free’ life just like the other boss’ favorite who has already flown or A guy who wants to do MBA and get a fat salary here itself crying loud on ‘how to be a spirited Indian’ or A builder who wants to earn as much as possible before banks raise loan rates, before government puts a check on realty prices or A housewife who never misses any of saas-bahu soaps, ‘extra melodramatic’ singing or dancing competitions and latches on every possible opportunity to acquire information about daily happenings in the colony keeping track of some tens of neighbors or A small businessman who gets up early to catch the shows of those Gurus and babas who tell you exactly which planet caused yesterday’s loss and being in which position would it cause all the luck coming your way today or A manager in an MNC who has achieved ‘everything in life’, who can convince employees under him clean shit or A minister who is blamed left right center by opposition, who’s more concerned about nuclear deal (another point, he doesn’t know anything about it except that it has got something to do with the US) than his own constituency.

God, save me please !

Luckily I am not that thief from Firozabad who gets beaten like POWs in front of all the cameras for stealing a foot-driven rickshaw, I am not that woman who gets raped in Sonipat for marrying a guy from lower caste, I am not that newlywed girl from Vidisha who gets killed for not being able to fulfill increasing demands for dowry, I am not that call center girl from Delhi who gets raped in the cab at wee hours, I am not that teenage girl from a rich family who gets killed by someone and even the CBI fails to solve the murder mystery, I am not that farmer from Vidarbha who commits suicide due to 30K loan, I am not that Devdasi from Gulbarga who’s hands are chopped off as she wanted to study and get away, I am that good looking wannabe model from Mumbai who can do ‘anything’ for good contracts, I am not that businessman from Mumbai who has to fight his own brother for ‘success’, I am not that IT bigwig from Bangalore who needs to act benevolent to support a business decision.

God, you have already been rescuing me for so long !

God, you have given me such a happy life. I can sit at home and watch all this happening around, thanks to technology. All by your grace, I have the luxury of not doing anything about this and still lead a comfortable life. Thank god, however bad the superiors do to me, I have the right to take out my frustration on those who need me. I can use the newspapers for packing chapattis, I can relax after watching news and turn to cricket. I can complain about increased parking rates in multiplexes and earn back big bucks at my office. I can crib about my appraisal, about my manager and get away with all the sympathy.

Working for poor ? I had gone with my colleagues to some social institution, I have so many snaps to prove that. Helping the children ? I donate Re 1 per share I hold under my insurance. Saving the environment ? I had participated in green rally organized by my company. Isn’t that enough ?

After all, what can ‘I’ do ?

4 thoughts on “inflation

  1. Its all there and you can’t make a difference. Ok understood but somewhere else you can make a difference. if you want to do something, then come, join me , we will work for Tree plantation. And its not everyday u need to work, only 2-3 hrs a week, that it. Let me know if you are interested. – Manish


  2. Sashi says:

    Hey Yo, I really appreciate you thoughts & deep feelings but I too agree with the Manish’s statement. It’s really a bitter truth but somehow and somewhere we can make a small difference, if really wanted to do something for our society.Recently i joined an NGO to support HIV infected people. You can also cater the best for them if you wish.Keep writing…nice thought…—Race Against Time~Sashi Anand


  3. yogesh.612 says:

    Thanks for your time, Manish and Sashi !But then, this is something that came to my mind someday … I am not writing about only myself but the Educated society of India who so comfortably ignore everything around … I am not against people but am against this attitude !I am really happy that two of my friends do not belong to this category, Please keep it up !


  4. Mohsin Khan says:

    hmm, one more whiner..welcome, welcome my friend…


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