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26th June, one of the most important days of my life !

My brother’s, my best buddy’s Birthday today ! Join me in wishing him a fabulous life ahead …. 🙂

Expressing the pleasure …. Isn’t that very difficult ? Specially for a guy ? …. We men behave so secretively that even the closest person doesn’t understand what has happened to us. We are supposedly the stronger species, but we seem so weak when it comes to expressing …… we just can’t.

It’s good not to fake anything, but we can’t even say what we feel …. Shame !

Being a man in India is all the more difficult; you are not allowed to cry, you are not supposed to discuss what do you feel ….. your dads don’t tell you how much they love you, your mothers take pride in telling to neighbors bravery tales of you not crying even after series of injuries, your grandparents like your ‘war’ skills, your uncles advise you to give back bad treatment.

But then, why only India ? We keep hearing about men, who supposedly have stronger hearts, suffer more from heart diseases, men taking to addictions to forget their problems. Almost all over the world, male fraternity remains the same, rather, they love staying the same rigid phenomenon.

Emotions are not tied to any gender, they are god’s gift to humans, all of us, they are very natural. I object strongly, to be termed ‘metrosexuals’ for behaving so naturally ?

Look at women : ohh, they are so natural, they are so free ….. they can cry, they can say thanks, they can express love, why can’t we be the same ? At least in some possibly better ways …..

It’s so good and comfortable to just ‘speak it out’ ….. I feel so comfortable after scribbling all this.

I hate emotions; they make me fall in love with them, every time.

After all, it’s a Man’s world …. Let’s not be chauvinists, let’s not be the traditional ‘macho’ guys …. It’s never a crime putting forth what’s on mind, what’s in the heart …… let’s say ‘I care’ to those we care for, let’s say ‘I love you’ to those we love, let’s share, let’s cry our hearts out for all those reasons we have hidden from all others for all our lives

10 thoughts on “In Celebration

  1. Devyani says:

    Kuddosss to Yo for such a wonderful thought!!!! Though at first the pink page gives a different hint!!!!! The following things are valid only considering my assumption that the pink page is just about pleasing sensitive happy colour and the content am attempt at putting a straight point from a straight guy!but hey frankly i agree with you. Emotions are emotions be it a guy or a girl..I dont know why are guys so protective about their emotions? We women know that you all have all those emotions then why hide? You hide something when you know its wrong… “emotion” is not wrong. Feeling emotions is one of the most wonderful things in life and expressing them and sharing them the next best.dont you want to just smile, laugh, giggle at silly things? Just like us.. believe me it is lot of fun. Dont you like gossiping? Oh now dont you try to say you dont..half of your topics are around girls.Dont you wanna bitch about soemone? Dont you wanna let your tears roll down once in a while.. when you try to keep all the emotions within you, what do you get? Consider life a simple man carrying a bucket…empty bucket and he has to carry it till the end…when you feel something you dont express it and forget it, but put it in the bucket and carry it along with you…what happens? The bucket is heavy coz its full of things. Then life’s path becomes difficult to walk…Make it light. Let out your emotions… make someone smile, make someone feel you too. You know when someone doesnt epress that he is sad or he is hurt, what we girls do…classify him as an asshole or moron!!!!And you think you are strong..heheheSo before someone else classifies you as an asshole…go ahead…tell someone how much you love them how much you care for them, let them know its not only the body therez a heart and its full of emotions…cry with someone make someone cry a little, when you get angry let your head blowup but get back again buddies, when you are hurt let the tears wash your heart of the saddness and roll out of you. Gone are the days when we heard “Guys dont cry” and “girls are cry babies”A human being is not complete without emotions and worthless if you dont know how to express it. So, this is not only for guys but for girls too….feel your emotions and let yourself free. 🙂 Hey last but not least Happy Birthday to Yo’s younger bro. I dont know you but i am sure your bro loves you a lot…in the whole thing he wrote about emotions he forgot to write he loves you 🙂 read between the lines!!! Have a faboulous emotional day ahead … And Yo, you need to find yourself a girl soon or some guy will start liking you, jus kidding!


  2. sumit says:

    Nice Essay Yogesh on men’s life.When I finished that Essay , Really broke in to the tears.


  3. shalini says:

    Hey Yogesh, whatever you wrote “In Celebration” blog about emotions was a comparision with women and men.In that you are saying men behave so secrectly, I wanna know one the the time when you happy…….., the time when you are sad……, need a shoulder to cry……, then what you do? I don’t think you know the real meaning of emotion/love.For a women it’s so natural to express her emotion because she knows how to express the things. For a man if you are saying he can’t express then you are wrong. Because as you said Emotions are not tied to any gender they are inbuilt in any living creature. Men do cry, they show their emotions………. And they have all the right to do so…. And they shoul do 😉


  4. Rohini says:

    Hey YO,this is wat i really wanted to hear from a GUY…i dont know from when did you start thinking like this… and y now?but its never too late…I always like to see an “RE:” in my mailbox… anyone wud like to see the no. comments increased on their blog whether they r good or bad!Evrything in life wud jus be so simple… if everyone of us (all men & women) behave naturally…express freely!So, happy expressing 🙂


  5. Dhananjay says:

    Thanks Yogesh and all of you, for your Wishes !!!Another nice thought by Yo…looking very senti and worried about Indian ppl emotion and their way of expressing it. It’s very very important to express your feelings at right time to right ppl…irrespective of any condition…to let him/her know about your emotions…Lot of good facts presented and supported by many of us (Including me). Please let me allow to act as critic and put my view on the other side of the coin…so Shalini I am supporting you now…Coming back to the topic Celebration(as title suggest) or the Emotions (as Content suggest) or whatever, let’s talk about the way of expressing emotions. Emotions are ANY strong feeling and now as per Yo everybody started expressing their emotions without any fear/shame/responsibility. See the college catta, all of the boys expressing their emotions to item girl….you are looking very HOT today…look at the beautiful girls around…..everybody expressing their emotions to her (I Love You)…girls started expressing their emotion (Jalousies, hatred, etc.. ) then nobody can save us from third world war…..father started crying in the house…so nobody there to hold family. And tell them don’t worry I am there, will take care of all your problem/concerns…this bad time will go soon away…what’s happening to brave soldiers….they can’t step out of the house…as mother/sister all are crying badly and not giving him see off…very important… what will happen to our bollywood celebrity…and what if Shahrukh express his emotions about Karan Johar…any many more….don’t want to list all of them…you guys are already aware of these….isn’t it?Joke a part…but expressing emotions has it’s multiple ways….not necessarily everybody will follow the way you are following…somebody express it by actions…somebody by writing..and simple way is just telling that person. These all ways are not at all gender specific but the yeah depends upon by that person’s nature. Some of you says man don’t express their feeling…tell me in almost all love stories Boys proposed girl…isn’t it? So who is expressing feeling?…why all girls like more closer to father….still you think fathers are not expressing their feeling…Even girls/mother/sister don’t express their all emotion….asked yourself how many times you preferred not to express your emotions….love, affection, care are not all the emotion and all emotions cannot/should not be expressed …EXPLICITLY…Here end my other side of the coin…any suggestion/thoughts/comments (Good or bad) will help us explore more on this thought.


  6. Rohini says:

    Happy Birthday Dhananjay (dhanu) :)thanks for making it clear that it was YOUR b’day !I Misinterpreted thinking that it was Devesh’s b’day … The gr8 YO din take any pains to mention abt u!anyways.. have a nice year ahead…I enjoyed reading ur comments 🙂


  7. Rohini says:

    I would like to put forth my view …as in sanskrit we say “antarmukh” and “bahirmukh” i.e. Introvert and extrovertwen it comes to expressions… it doesn’t mean one has to turn an extrovert all of a sudden!as dhanu said.. emotions can also be expressed thru actions, body language etc… but yes they need to be expressed wen they have to be…you cant keep anger inside just to be consistent with your Cool and calm personality..I do agree with Devyani… “her Bucket example”Expressing doesn’t mean expressing everything to everybody all the time..yeah dhananjay.. your college katta eg and Karan johar eg were terrific!But ofcourse we have been given by nature, wat u call as ‘Vivek buddhi’ to know wat to express when! That’s where one’s emotional quotient comes into picture…Emotionally strong doesn’t mean being rigid to emotions, not crying, and keeping a straight face in all situations, or a Happy go lucky expression all the time!An emotionally intelligent person is the one who is able to read his/her own emotions & recognize their impact on others. It involves controlling one’s impulses (controlling doesn’t mean hiding 🙂 ). The ability to sense, understand and react to other’s emotions i.e comprehending! If a person could balance all of these, he/she could win Hearts just like that :DAs we r human beings, all these things are not possible, but yes, as and when we go thru diff experiences, thru ups & downs, we shud be able to grow Emotionally, we can learn to express better while keeping in mind its impact also :)This is wat I wanted to Express :), I hope the impact is good 😉


  8. mandar says:

    A very senti yo……… :(I’m almost in tears dude;( ;(.. Neways a really very heart touching thoughts by yo.I have to agree with yo to some extent,most of the guys just pretend to be “HEROES” or someone with a so called “Rock Solid Heart” but its not true :)Probably you can ask someone like us staying away from our dear friends and families now for almost 2 years,I do fell into tears when I keep on recalling those wonderful moments we shared during our project days, during our trips… I do fell into tears watching Maaa song from Taare Zameen Par (dats the reason I’ve stopped hearing to it)Whenever we have a call we’ll always keep on recalling those jokes and moments just to make the 10-15 min’s conversation an exciting and happy onebut never really discuss how much we’ll miss each other:(Almost everyday(Ohh god damn what m I doing in Mangalore.. )kind of feeling do come into my mind but some time we have to accept the facts. The fact that I will be in Pune for rest of my life (lets hope so), why not spend just 2-3 years of entire life outside Pune, lets make life a fun filled journey,Lets enjoy South India, lets go for trips,lets go to Waterfalls,beaches, and that’s the reason I’m here, I have to be rock solid by heart (Am I sounding like dialogue from Ekta’s K serial :)).Well at the end of day we have to be strong @ heart,just to make sure our emotions doesnt overcome our responsibilties.Just to make sure we keep on working for our respective companies and emotions doesnt distract us.On a happy note hey yo lets not make a emotional trip this weekend I’ll keep you updating on that 🙂


  9. Could not agree with Yogesh more though felt Communicating through SILENCE IS GOLDEN


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