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Joy – Beyond Cricket

And finally, India won! India: now the world champions in Cricket, truly deserving ones at that! You don’t get many moments in your life when tears roll down your eyes in happiness – so, when you get them, cherish them, forever!

Honestly, this unified feeling of more than a billion Indian cricket fans is ‘Literally Indescribable’ 🙂 Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Atlanta is witnessing first white Christmas in 17 years! 🙂

Time to celebrate nature’s wonderful Christmas gift to the city, here’s some pictures taken from my balcony: Continue reading

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26th June, one of the most important days of my life !

My brother’s, my best buddy’s Birthday today ! Join me in wishing him a fabulous life ahead …. 🙂

Expressing the pleasure …. Isn’t that very difficult ? Specially for a guy ? …. We men behave so secretively that even the closest person doesn’t understand what has happened to us. We are supposedly the stronger species, but we seem so weak when it comes to expressing …… we just can’t.

It’s good not to fake anything, but we can’t even say what we feel …. Shame !

Being a man in India is all the more difficult; you are not allowed to cry, you are not supposed to discuss what do you feel ….. your dads don’t tell you how much they love you, your mothers take pride in telling to neighbors bravery tales of you not crying even after series of injuries, your grandparents like your ‘war’ skills, your uncles advise you to give back bad treatment.

But then, why only India ? We keep hearing about men, who supposedly have stronger hearts, suffer more from heart diseases, men taking to addictions to forget their problems. Almost all over the world, male fraternity remains the same, rather, they love staying the same rigid phenomenon.

Emotions are not tied to any gender, they are god’s gift to humans, all of us, they are very natural. I object strongly, to be termed ‘metrosexuals’ for behaving so naturally ?

Look at women : ohh, they are so natural, they are so free ….. they can cry, they can say thanks, they can express love, why can’t we be the same ? At least in some possibly better ways …..

It’s so good and comfortable to just ‘speak it out’ ….. I feel so comfortable after scribbling all this.

I hate emotions; they make me fall in love with them, every time.

After all, it’s a Man’s world …. Let’s not be chauvinists, let’s not be the traditional ‘macho’ guys …. It’s never a crime putting forth what’s on mind, what’s in the heart …… let’s say ‘I care’ to those we care for, let’s say ‘I love you’ to those we love, let’s share, let’s cry our hearts out for all those reasons we have hidden from all others for all our lives