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Test cricket (& cricket in overall) needs innovation!

As soon as the recent SA-Aus test series was finished, the tears for test cricket started rolling out. More than the anticipation of Sachin’s 100th 100, the discussion about test cricket’s future pisses me off – the lovers of cricket in its ‘pure’ form blame it on poor management (particularly in India), neglect towards test cricket, T-20 (especially IPL), and over-supply of cricket these days. Continue reading

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Joy – Beyond Cricket

And finally, India won! India: now the world champions in Cricket, truly deserving ones at that! You don’t get many moments in your life when tears roll down your eyes in happiness – so, when you get them, cherish them, forever!

Honestly, this unified feeling of more than a billion Indian cricket fans is ‘Literally Indescribable’ 🙂 Continue reading

Cricket to drive India’s future?

Believe it or not: The two new IPL teams have been sold for more money than many of the smaller nations’ economies could turn over in an entire year.
As a Punekar, let me first welcome the biggest Cricket brand to Aamche Pune! It will be heartening to see Pune’s team get on ground next year … Cheers!
On a broader level though, IPL’s increase in brand value & overall market capture has been nothing less than Astonishing – I mean we all knew that cricket was always gonna earn a lot in India, a major world economy but This fast? and SOOOOO Much?
US $370 M & $333 M for Pune & Kochi respectively is humongous & something we should take notice and interest in. 
Just wondering if Cricket could be next driver of Indian economy – we already have software & outsourcing industries but the way Lalit Modi has brought about a change in Indian Cricket as a Product is fabulous & could well prove historic for India.
With deals like Sony TV & youtube making IPL cash rich, it’s set for only bigger leaps! Matches being shown in multiplex & improved ground-spectator experience – it is time for much more … Much more money & much more growth!
Of course, cynics have already made their cases against the money & some crap with ‘purity of cricket’ – but let me tell these historically-British-ruled people that it’s no more an English game. Cricket is going global & India is taking it to the world! (I still maintain it’s a sport & the essence needs to be alive forever.)
This is new India, rich India. This is new cricket with player auctions, cheer leaders.
Looking forward to many more of such milestone dates with India & my favorite sport, cricket!
Disclaimer: I am not the only one who’s been shaken by these developments, here are a few more (some of the views are bound to match)-
IPL franchise valued more than EPL teams:
[Update on 4/13/2010 – 12:50 PM ET]
Ayaz Memon seems to agree with me in his article on cricinfo about IPL &India

One voice in a Billion

What a fabulous day was 24th Feb 2010. I, just like every other Indian was ecstatic to see the first ever double hundred in ODI Cricket. Not that Sachin needed it prove himself but this was SPECIAL, just like so many other moments the little master has gifted cricket fans with.
I bet millions for any cricket fan that did not get Goosebumps after watching the 200th run taken! Everyone’s common regret: not being in Gwalior on that historic day!
It’s very easy for him to unite the nation, unite the cricket world – such an amazing chemical! Well, there isn’t any adjective left in the dictionary to describe the God!
One after another, he has displayed those masterpieces of batsmanship, he is the only sporting icon of India, the best batsman Cricket has ever seen.  
Yeah, Sachin Tendulkar is a phenomenon – calling him a human would burden the definition of a human being.
Enough, I’d not wanna repeat anything that’s been said already – I just had to let out this sheer joy!
Here’s something to treasure forever: Video – first ever 200
I so wanna attend 2011 World Cup Final in Mumbai with India playing – too early but it’ll be like a fairytale to see Sachin live at Wankhede pursuing something he has always wished for! (Never too soon to dream ;-))
Before I wind up – I support all appeals for Bharat Ratna for Sachin! (Thanks to Amit Paranjape for bringing the issue up) There haven’t been many Indians who have brought so many happy tears in more than 2 billion eyes!
His modesty, dedication (and all other personal & professional values) are something we are inspired from, something we want our next generations to be inspired from – conferring him Bharat Ratna NOW would only represent the nation’s feelings through a memento & a tag!
I think I spoke for more than a Billion people!

Is Mahendra Singh Dhoni more than a cricket captain for India?

Yeah, even I think what the title suggests is pretty weird!

I’ve always heard/read of old times’ India, seen it a little bit during childhood. One thing that has not changed ever is the passion for the sport of cricket. If I speak about love for cricket in India, it’ll be like underlining for billionth time!

While growing up I used to watch Indian teams that were king at home on dusty pitches with outfields resembling nothing but deserts.

Those were the times when one dive on Indian grounds could risk your bones, when most of the players who could be best described as 5’5″ 50 kg bodies which spoke of malnutrition & poverty in India, when tours were just meant for holidays & shopping, when all media could talk was margins of victory – Indian victories if we played home or other country’s if we played away. Yes, those were the times when Indian commentators used to lambaste Indian batsmen for showing even minuscule sign of aggression, when Indians saw nothing but Miandad’s sixer or Imran Khan’s yorker in their nightmares!
Aah, those were the days when India played the Gentleman’s Game Gently!

Not anymore!
Dhoni’s team is full of hefty youngsters – they don’t look frail or weak when standing with an Aussie, they don’t get intimidated, they’re not scared, they can kick A**es with bat/bowl/words!
They never take anything lying down, they give everything back perhaps with more vengeance!
And mind you it’s not just the aggression – it’s aggression with talent and performance.

What made a guy like Sehwag be so arrogant in batting like the way he does? Has anyone seen a front view of his bat?
In a country that still treats ‘sex’ as a taboo, how come Zaheer Khan acknowledges the ‘best chest’ award by Mumbai girls? How can Yuvraj be so confident of having the ‘best ass’? (are we talking of India here? :O)
Why wasn’t Ganguly ashamed of ripping off his shirt on Lord’s balcony where anything less than a coat is ‘indecent’?
Why doesn’t Dhoni treat Sachin, the god, special? Why such a ‘senior’ person covers the boundary in death overs? Did anyone ever even think of anything like that before in Indian cricket?
How come the captain of the Indian cricket is cool under pressure? Where’s all the burden of billions of Indians’ expectations?
This bloody team beats other teams in their backyards, they’re not afraid of traveling, they’re not afraid of Murali’s, Warne’s, Akhtar’s!

Mumbai crowd harasses Andrew Symonds till he gets away, Indian cricket pressurizes ‘white’ nations to play according to their conditions, ‘whiter & richer’ cricket countries form a union against India & still fail to affect: Isn’t that unusual for India?
What happened all of a sudden?

If people still think this is limited to just cricket: look around again, see Indians around you if possible.
Every youngster today relates to this Indian cricket team, we have come far & beyond!
Bollywood & cricket have inspired India a lot, but this is the time when India has affected Cricket!
Look at this team: they’re not guys from Mumbai or Delhi, they’re from a small UP village or a Maharashtra small town or from a very poor Muslim family in Gujarat town. They have not had their childhood dedicated to cricket.

On the same veins, look at Indian youngsters – they’re no more like their parents. Many of them are not even dependent by the time they turn 21. In the country that taught ‘save-when-you-earn’, they buy things they want when they want. Where pubs/discs are a no-no, the new India makes plans for parties every weekend. In a country where holidays meant visiting a religious place with family, they go holidaying with friends. – is only money & spending capacity (or technology) responsible for all this?

Not really.
India’s truly going places and this may just be that time of metamorphosis. Look at the attitude shift, Indians are no more ashamed of their color or even their habits.
And just like the cricket team, this is not just the outlook – but there’s talent to back it up too.
Ofcourse, there are problems just like Indian team’s losses. However, what strikes you the most is how India handles these losses/failures these days?

Isn’t Dhoni someone who truly represents the new India? The India my generation belongs to?