One voice in a Billion

What a fabulous day was 24th Feb 2010. I, just like every other Indian was ecstatic to see the first ever double hundred in ODI Cricket. Not that Sachin needed it prove himself but this was SPECIAL, just like so many other moments the little master has gifted cricket fans with.
I bet millions for any cricket fan that did not get Goosebumps after watching the 200th run taken! Everyone’s common regret: not being in Gwalior on that historic day!
It’s very easy for him to unite the nation, unite the cricket world – such an amazing chemical! Well, there isn’t any adjective left in the dictionary to describe the God!
One after another, he has displayed those masterpieces of batsmanship, he is the only sporting icon of India, the best batsman Cricket has ever seen.  
Yeah, Sachin Tendulkar is a phenomenon – calling him a human would burden the definition of a human being.
Enough, I’d not wanna repeat anything that’s been said already – I just had to let out this sheer joy!
Here’s something to treasure forever: Video – first ever 200
I so wanna attend 2011 World Cup Final in Mumbai with India playing – too early but it’ll be like a fairytale to see Sachin live at Wankhede pursuing something he has always wished for! (Never too soon to dream ;-))
Before I wind up – I support all appeals for Bharat Ratna for Sachin! (Thanks to Amit Paranjape for bringing the issue up) There haven’t been many Indians who have brought so many happy tears in more than 2 billion eyes!
His modesty, dedication (and all other personal & professional values) are something we are inspired from, something we want our next generations to be inspired from – conferring him Bharat Ratna NOW would only represent the nation’s feelings through a memento & a tag!
I think I spoke for more than a Billion people!

One thought on “One voice in a Billion

  1. RUCHA says:

    i missed it. and i do regret this. but hail sachin!


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