Weak & unsafe, do we deserve this?

Just heard about players’ probable pullout from IPL-2010 atop reading news of Cricket WC-2011 to be moved out of India and countries not to send players for Commonwealth Games-2010 to be held in India! How unsafe has India become!
Aren’t we like Pakistan now? (With probably a difference that Indian land is not OPENLY used for terror planning). Blasts every month, terror scares on every event, however small. Why is India falling apart? Do we really have control over Kashmir? Have we lost substantial part of Arunachal Pradesh?
I know there are many aspects to India’s weak outlook – ‘experts’ might dig most of the reasons behind it. I don’t wanna go into strategic or political aspects of it. But I wonder every now & then – why are we ‘tolerating’ all this crap?
Perhaps a tiny part of the reason lies in India’s people – yes, the same ones that are supposed to be India’s strength.
1.       Do we forgive & forget too quickly? One of the media houses starts some crap – Aman ki Asha – people follow it blindly (just one example, there’s a whole lot similar). No other country is as friendly to its trouble-land (not blaming Pakistan, the nation; but its land has been used against India).
2.       Do we really care about what we support? Mainstream India media supported SRK recently & indirectly promoted his movie which was supposedly based on humanity. (P.S. I haven’t seen that movie).
Just an innocent question to MNIK team or people who supported it – if 911 hurt you so much, why didn’t you make a movie about 2700 innocent Americans (+ around 330 foreign nationals to USA) who died?
Is it justified to over-dramatize fake sympathy with people from certain religion just because they had to go through a little more security checks?
3.       Why aren’t people thankful for the land? Be thankful, respect the locals! Why do people wanna come to Mumbai for a living and shout “We’re from UP”? Why do these people ‘create’ own flavors of history & proclaim that Maharashtra economy is built by migrants? Isn’t that kind of bad culture?
4.       Why always be minority-friendly? Almost all of the countries with good human, economic & cultural indices are OPENLY majority-friendly (E.g. France, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Australia require migrants to cope with locals). India, on the other hand, expects its biggest religion to accommodate everyone.
5.       Are we still under ‘inferiority’ notion the colonial rulers forced on us? It’s only 4th generation since India became independent & it might be a psychological probability that India doesn’t have enough ‘patriotic’ people.
Probably, we are no different than Pakistan: we can’t protect ourselves, the world is withdrawing it’s confidence from ‘Brand India’ & we also do not have ANY solution!

May not be correct, just my thoughts for being weak, staying weak as ‘A nation’!

3 thoughts on “Weak & unsafe, do we deserve this?

  1. happy says:

    Nice thought Yogesh!!! Just One point bothered me …People coming from UP and shout..I agreed respect for local but you mean people coming from other part India disrespect locals…No one come to one's house\City and start disrespect people who already lived there…but if locals start beating students who come to attend interview, for the sake to gain unfair advantage or compel someone to learn local language by gunda gardi..how they deserve respect then…who beating their own countrymen…do you really think this political people will do some good thing for local by creating bogus issue …the guys elected by regional parties slapping someone who are oath in National language..or now they demanding their own country …do they deserve their political power..Many local people of Maharasthra living peace fully in other states ..they are not force to learn local language…Imagine if same thing happen to them and what would be your reaction..Why does all these brave leaders of Shiv shena or MNS only stuck to Mumbai\Pune.Last year many farmers of Vidharb commit suicide due to poverty\debt..Why don't these guys brought issue and fought for them…these all people just wanted money nothing else…If same kind politics started in each other part of nation then India will get dissolved many peace..Will get into Slavery once again for which had fought for 200 years..


  2. I agree & I do not support any kind of violence. What some political parties try to achieve through violence is not justified AT ALL. Am not all against Migration(as I have said several times before), but I am against uncontrolled slum-building & using those slums for votes or for violence. Every place, every state or country should respect everyone coming in but I dislike it when people are not thankful, gelling towards the locals. Indians, in particular, do it everywhere – be it Maharashtra or Bangalore or USA – they'll crib about the locals and form narrow-minded groups. Contributing to cultural bonhomie doesn't hurt anyone then why be arrogant & stubborn!Migration problem in Mumbai & rest of Maharashtra is beyond 'culture or language': political parties don't understand that & so don't YOU. No one wants to look at health, infrastructure, pollution, crime & social peace-keeping aspects of migration. Such slums are most DANGEROUS for slum-dwellers who're majorly from UP/Bihar/other states & I am most concerned about THEM.


  3. And case it's not clear, I'd repeat thousand times – anyone can roam/settle down anywhere GIVEN she's not presenting a probable disturbance to healthy & peaceful living of the local community (& herself too).


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