As we go for elections 2009, there’s no dearth of issues in any part of the nation.

Maharashtra will be voting to stop farmers’ suicides, less price for Maharashtra’s favorite crops of sugar and cotton, power woes, uncontrolled migration and resulting ever increasing slums. The neighbor Karnataka suffering from attacks against Women, Christians will be fighting against imbalanced growth and increasing poverty also. Gujarat, still in phase of recovery from communal divisions, is facing a crisis of sorts with mediocre rehabilitation record for displaced due to various reasons like industrialization or the infamous Sardar Sarovar and the increasing divide between the rich and the poor. Tourism capital Goa has had its share of security woes with Marathi-Konkani locals’ widening angst against tourists and outsiders that has resulted in no co-operation.

Rajasthan, which managed to defeat one the most progressive chief ministers it ever had in assembly elections last year, has its own set of issues which include reducing female proportion, very poor HDI (human development index) and inward growth of deserts from west. State of Madhya Pradesh, with its two biggest problems being child deaths due to malnutrition and large number of unlicensed arms, has been deprived of power after creation of Chhattisgarh which in turn is suffering from Naxalites and withdrawal of some of energy projects. Same with Orissa, plagued by Naxalites and crazy Hindu movements, the state has suffered badly and lack of efforts to reduce poverty and beggary has resulted in higher count of sudden deaths across the Utkal.

Moving to the east, Bangala Bhoomi cannot still recover from the embarrassment of Nano ouster. The never-improving and poor centric Left rule has hampered Bengal’s dreams. Lack of decent education and scarcity of jobs have lead to Criminalization in northern part of the state. Moreover, almost all the eastern, north-eastern states, UP and Bihar share the plight of illegal insurgency from Bangladesh and Nepal. Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim, containing the yet unresolved border with China, have grown enormous amount of jobless youths in past few years.

The southern state of Kerala, despite of being better placed on account of literacy and sex ratio, has problems a plenty. Emigration seems to be the key concern area for Kerala with educated young population continuing to move out to Gulf nations, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore for jobs and career opportunities. The land of Tamil is probably bearing the consequences of lopsided development policies could suffer more due to tensions between lawyers and politicians. The neighbor on fire, Sri Lanka, could spell dooms for Tamilians with undesired infiltration. Andhra, the only non-Hindi state below the national average for literacy and Human development, has got its share of woes with huge number of beggars, Naxal problems and Telangana movement.

Then we move on to the northern part of the nation: Punjab and Haryana, the only well-to-do regions in the north, are still not visible on the global map, relying mostly on local industries. These anti-women states are still very much ruled by the religion and its fanatical followers. The national capital has to still undergo pains of crimes every minute and the scars it has inflicted are long lasting affecting Delhi’s quotient for global attraction. Shortage of English users could prove detrimental to Delhi’s dreams of successfully hosting CWG-2010.

Not much need be listed for UP and Bihar, which lag behind in every aspect of development and prosperity. These states have a lot to be fulfilled despite being two of the richest in terms of natural resources. Gorakhpur open border continues to be a headache for India while crime, poor education, lack of industries and lackluster infrastructure (where its difficult to even breathe) have hindered growth of these states. Jharkhand, despite its mineral richness has failed to put up good show. Uttarakhand with all freebies and tax rebates to industries is starting to lose its green look. Despite a decent presence of industries, Uttarakhand is not earning much and may well face bankruptcy issues affecting government servants.

The beautiful J&K has got bloodier by the day, the state is shattered after Amarnath land controversy and scrapping of Kashmir railway connection. Terrorism still crops its head up every now and then. As a result, we have jobless youths in Jammu and Angry youths in Kashmir after atrocities by Indian armed forces.

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