What do I think about Raj Thackeray ?

1. I respect his fabulous persona; Dynamic, Wonderful and Extremely Talented (love his cartoons)

2. Misunderstood (unintentionally) and Maligned (politically and deliberately) by media and so-called ‘progressive’ people who have been fooled around with supposedly ‘balanced’ concepts of secularism and equality.

Anti-rich, anti-Marathi, anti-Maharashtra DOES NOT mean equality.

3. In my knowledge, he was / is never against any particular community. His outrage has been against Atrocities (yes, you read it right … I call it ‘atrocity’ when your house is surrounded by slums, when you have to undergo load-shedding while slums heavily indulge in power thefts, when you are robbed or looted by those slum-dwellers and they’re never caught, when a deserving candidate from Maharashtra does not get to sit for Railway exam in his own state) … against Maharashtrians !

4. MNS has highest number of ambulances running in my area at least (I am the witness). They have never distinguished between people while providing such services. Kudos to Raj Thackeray for that !

5. As far as I see, he has never done things for political mileage. None of his major outrages was soon followed by an election.

Gonna write more about Raj … am in process of further research !

Yogesh Ramesh Sharma

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