Migration : Black

Time has come for ALL of us (in the world) to question Migration (for earning a living)! [Obama has come up with stricter immigration policies and even the EU is contemplating the same.]
Also, we need to have a Global attitude where migration would be considered fairly insignificant.

E.g. If someone migrates from say Hong Kong to the US for some business purpose it may not warrant any address to the issue. But if someone from Cuba / Haiti is migrating to the US just because they cannot make living in their current places then we need to question Cuba/Haiti governments (on why migration has become mandatory to even live decently).

Same here ….. Even if we don’t question migration from Bangalore to Pune or Bangalore to Mumbai, We must question Lalus, Mayawatis, Mulayams, Paswans on where and how the budget allocation (more than 55% of budget allocation goes directly to Hindi speaking states which still have not improved after 60 years of independence) for their states is utilized, is it at all managed ?

Once the prosperous belt of India has turned gloomy no end …. why aren’t we concerned about them and OUR part of land in UP, Bihar, MP, Rajasthan ?
Why do people from these areas remain affected all their lives and keep suffering ? Why do they HAVE TO migrate so far away in Mumbai or Maharashtra ?
Don’t they deserve industries and good infrastructure ?

Rather, what I have seen was horrible ….. these very own MPs (or their biggest culprits) of Bihar came out and said “we will move millions of people to Maharashtra and see who stops us !”

Whoa !
That makes my fears even darker …

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