The media religion

Had a chance to go through some of the news coverage websites & TV channels lately, most of them focusing on Maharashtra assembly elections.
It’s not surprising that Raj Thackeray was the biggest villain for almost all of the Indian ‘national’ media, most of them stayed focused on the Thackerays & hardly anything was noticed against a poor performing Congress government.
The Congress party has once again utilized the media very smartly to their advantage, which in fact, is quite a good political quality.

However, what I saw in the media under ‘Reactions against Raj’ was appalling & disappointing to say the least.
Some people called him Jinnah, some called Maharashtra a new Pakistan (WTF, WT big F)! Many of the online readers comfortably used the F*** word against him, there was no dearth of online abuse for MNS & no level of decency while using this ‘freedom of expression’.
Even more shocking is that none of the ‘national’ media houses bothered to stop this cheap level of anger-venting.

And not for just supporting what I like, but honestly, all the MNS fans (at least in my view) have maintained that decency and honored the ‘right’ expressions, which is heartening to see.

Has Indian media divided us? Aren’t they biased?

I say again & again that Raj Thackeray has been misinterpreted. He’s the only politician I have ever listened to or read who has the balls to talk against SLUMS.
I dare any of India’s national parties talk against hazards and threats from Slums, can you guys come forward and speak?
Anyway, let me not further get into MNS, their agenda & Mumbai-Maharashtra’s problem.

Indian media comfortably influences the literate of India, it has made pseudo-intellectuals borne everywhere.
Most of Indian internet users are literate, since India’s not so much used to the internet yet.
Look what ‘most educated’ people talk? Doesn’t that sound as a ‘verbal abuse’?

Consistently failing to play any constructive role over the time, Indian media has developed itself into a hypocrite phenomenon.

Is Indian media a new religion in India?
Why blame extremists, look at Indian Media … they have made the most educated group go crazy!

Literate (let me just use the term ‘India literates’ henceforth) people follow blindly what’s presented to them through this media (you can’t blame them … sorry, you can’t blame us … for that).

We’re driven by media conclusions so much that we don’t wanna verify anything for ourselves.

We very well know the rule: once a Madness/Religion is followed by many, it multiplies rapidly.

Isn’t this the same media that projected Narendra Modi as modern day Jinnah few years ago? (who, IMO, is now the best Chief minister in India)

Isn’t this the same media that caused a major embarrassment to India, reporting false against China? (and later, not disclose it). It went on to be labeled India’s fear.

I came across some videos claiming tampering with Varun Gandhi’s remarks too (not very sure on that, though)

These guys are the first to report ‘famous’ side of the story and suppress the other.
Same happened to MNS protests, same happened to doctors & pilots on strike, students from AIIMS-Delhi protesting against reservations.

I wonder why don’t we ever listen to what our Congress government is up to? (not that am against or for them)
Or a recent one, projecting the India-born Nobel prize laureate so much that he was irritated by Indians.

On the issue of staying fair and notwithstanding other aspects of media, let’s just hope we become a better media, rather than an emotional & igniting one.

One thought on “The media religion

  1. Dj says:

    That was a nice article Yo…. I do completely agree with you that now a days we are driven by our media… we don't listen to the other side and that is very bad…. Keep writing dude… Best Luck….


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