2 States

As amazed as I am right now, not sure about what? Another state in the making or the reactions that I have read/heard?

Telangana has gone beyond as an issue only for people of that region, I view it having much deeper consequences than it seems.
However, people blindly condemning is not acceptable (at any time, I’d say).

For starters, Telangana is probably the oldest movement for a separate state in India; much different than Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand & Uttarakhand.
The new states I just mentioned did not hold such strong demands, creation of those states was more political than people-felt.

On progress & development, J’khand, U’khand & C’garh have done much better than their respective parent states Bihar, UP & MP. Why can’t the always-poor Telangana do the same?
Smaller states are always easier to administer!
On language & culture, if there can be more than one state speaking Hindi,Bengali,Marathi (counting Konkani spoken in Goa as a Marathi dialect) why can’t there be more than one state speaking Telugu?

Now, the way that was used to influence this decision was fasting & non-co-operation: two of the means used by Gandhi for India’s independence. I agree comparison with Gandhi may be wrong but the section that supports Telangana would definitely hail this as one similar. Looking at Indian netizens’ tirade against KCR & a separate Telangana, isn’t it double-standard to blame fellow Indians for such uprising? Don’t we Indians fail to understand other Indians many a times?

That poses another question to me: if we can get so easily affected by whatever media publishes (considering major part of the media blamed Telangana), do we have the right to speak against jobless youths who vandalize public properties?
Who really understands plight of Telangana that always been hit by Naxalism, the region that has always seen prosperity from far away.

Another subtle fact worth noticing is that Hyderabad is too rich for Andhra Pradesh. For an overall poor state & less literate state (FYI – Andhra Pradesh is the only non-Hindi major state that has literacy below India’s average), Hyderabad grew too much.
Andhra Pradesh’s grounds could never match itself with Cyberabad’s skies!
Difference between Hyderabad & small towns of Andhra has always been too much to be retained on the same level. Andhra doesn’t even have another tier-2 or tier-3 city. Such mismatch would always lead to social restlessness. This is why we need balanced growth.
This is why we need common social vision.

If this makes you think I support Telangana, it’s not so.
There are implications too:

1. This could become a trend & people could start blackmailing the central government with protests + hunger + strikes + bandhs
I expect a lot (and a lot more) maturity on handling this division, it could be delayed or scarce chances it could be canceled as well.
But, this is the testing time for the UPA government, need to set an example!

2. BJP’s ‘divide the states & rule’ policy should not be propelled. BJP (or any party) will definitely try to gain political mileage from such issues. Great that BJP doesn’t have significant presence in Telangana or Andhra!
The ’cause’ of Telangana should not be misinterpreted as a political move …

And on the final note, I would like to applaud the Congress government for taking the decision BEFORE much damage happened.
For those who don’t know, there was a clear intelligence warning that Naxalites may used Telangana students to create unrest in the entire state which may have resulted in a serious damage to peace of the region and further law & order problems.

Wish Telangana all the peace they ever deserved!

One thought on “2 States

  1. Rahul says:

    gr8 brainstorming Yo !! I am also in 2 states :)And yes this decision would have many consequences which we will see/experience in coming days.


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