My Vitthal

There was never a single time when I missed fasting on either of Ashadhi or Kartiki Ekadashi when I was home. The reason was that I did not have an option to.

Still remember how I used to cherish eating different type of food on those days.

I never believed in just one religion, always tried not to contain my beliefs – of course backed by my cosmopolitan upbringing.
For me, it’s always been difficult to believe in something I have never seen, I have always been one of those people who needed physical/material proof to trust something.

For the same reason, when I see People believing in God, the only feeling that engulfs me that of Respect! Sheer Respect!
I read, see, hear about Warkaris traveling don’t-know-how-many miles to see Vitthal-Rakhumai on the holy day; they walk, they dance, they sing, they chant without caring for heat/rains/meals. What in the world gives them the strength & will to do all that?
Looking at them makes me proud & humble at the same time. 
As said by the great Saint Tukaram: “The god resides in Bhakti (beliefs), not Murti (stone/statues)”. 
For me too, I see my Vitthal in all these people!
Observing fast on this day has just got a whole new meaning for me 🙂

देव दिसे ठायी ठायी
भक्त लीन भक्तापायी …
सुखालागि आला या हो
आनंदाचा पूर …
अवघे गरजे पंढरपूर
चालला नामाचा गजर …

P.S. Dedicated to my Mom & every Believer I know

5 thoughts on “My Vitthal

  1. Tejaswini says:

    Nice post yogesh..


  2. Rahul says:

    really true 🙂 nice writing Yo 🙂


  3. ritesh says:

    This is very Nice !!


  4. vivek says:

    Very good Yogesh , so did you continue fasting today as well ?Pandurang hari Pandurang !!


  5. Thanks everyone. Yes Vivek, I am observing fast Today! 🙂


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