Let’s go Shanghai

So, what was the last time you read about China in global media? 15 seconds ago, right? Despite critics trying to undermine Chinese growth in last few years, China has nothing but grown, much to the envy of rest of the world!

Be it Becoming the 2nd biggest economy or be it Becoming the country with most number of internet users in the entire world – China has brought about a major shift with impeccable growth.

China has grown way beyond manufacturing or low-cost destination – the nation leads the world on clean energy & other specialized research works.

China also has an ever-growing number of tech startups & tech savvy people contributing to a buzzing tech scene

Lack of rest of the world’s trust & imbalanced growth still remain the prime-most challenges, but hey, it’s China – they can make miracles happen! Shouldn’t we now stand up & collaborate with this new super-power? Chinese administration does make it a very intimidating nation & there are obvious concerns on their leadership for the world but there’s a pressing need to join hands with China for the global growth.

Not just that, China has improved leaps and bounds on healthcare & education – along with emerging as a Sports giant. All the qualities of a real Super power! China is perhaps balancing the world between East & the West. Traditional global forces & economic leaders are now looking up to China. World talent is moving to China more & more with each passing day. It’s not just New York, LA, London, Paris, Tokyo – we have Hong Kong, Beijing & Shanghai on the scene now – tales of changing times!

P.S. – I have always been a Chinese admirer. For those interested, here’s my blog on China for Beijing Olympics 2 years ago. Some of the views may be partial although I have chosen to ignore the dark sides of China.

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