RIP Google Era! (Not Google)

In a very direct, first-of-its-kind attack on Google, Facebook Today announced launch of their Modern, Social & non-Email Messaging (this isn’t really surprising considering 350 Million users have already been using FB messaging) [You may request for Facebook email Here if you haven’t already]. By the way, it’s too early to talk about Fmail but there are ‘for’ & ‘against’ opinions building already.

Over the years Gmail has remained the best social product from Google. Considering its spread & resources with Google, Gmail has not improved as much as it should have.  Google has had its share of failures post Social-media upsurge.

Social failures:

All Google’s attempts to build something that can compete with Facebook/Twitter have failed miserably – Orkut, Google Me, Google Wave, Google Buzz have been history – every time Google trying to be what they’re NOT. If you’re logged onto Google here’s their Latest shot at Social


Google’s advertising has also taken a hit with Facebook ad publishing comprising 23% of the United States according to a recent Comscore survey (note that Facebook’s rates are much lower)

Google’s got reasons to worry following Facebook’s deepening alliance with Microsoft

Facebook & Twitter are doing Google what it did to Microsoft & Yahoo about a decade ago!


Once its bastion, Google’s search market shares have also dwindled in the recent past with Microsoft’s Bing rising

Not just Bing, an unpopular name Baidu (very popular in China though) claims that 99% of Chinese internet users use Baidu – now, that’s a dent where it shouldn’t be.

Add lackluster growth of Google Maps, Google voice (bad news from FB-Skype deal), Blogger (one of the reasons am here on wordpress), Picasa albums – you get a sorry picture!

However, if you think Google’s dead – you’re WRONG!

IMO, some factors will still keep Google going:

1. Huge talent pool & big money – few of the best people (with vision) in the industry and $32 Billion in cash – definite advantage! (Just take a look at this amazing explanation of Google Instant – This is the kind of talent Google has!!)

2. Android – Easily, the next best thing – and now, the most popular Smartphone OS (Nielson reports)

Since all the computing & usage is set to move to Smartphones – this could augur well for Google given their large investments into Android research. Apple’s iPhone is still the king in this segment but Androids are set to take over soon.

Google is too big fail too soon & contrary to Microsoft a decade ago, they’re trying to be innovative & humble. They have learned to be patient & accept competition – which makes the failure distant!

The times when geeks, techies & crowd used to drool over Google products is DEFINITELY over but Google is certainly not!

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