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Netflix Vs YouTube & the future of entertainment

In a move directed towards competing with Netflix, Hulu, Apple (iTunes), Amazon and other video-on-demand services, Google recently announced movie rental services for YouTube users in United States. This mean the war is heating up in web video market. Entertainment-content-delivery-on-IP is THE future, no option to it. Cable TV, RIP! Continue reading

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Android blues

While reading Marco Armet’s blog about removing instapaper-for-free, I noticed something that has been happening to Android for a while now. Continue reading

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RIP Google Era! (Not Google)

In a very direct, first-of-its-kind attack on Google, Facebook Today announced launch of their Modern, Social & non-Email Messaging (this isn’t really surprising considering 350 Million users have already been using FB messaging) [You may request for Facebook email Here if you haven’t already]. By the way, it’s too early to talk about Fmail but there are ‘for’ & ‘against’ opinions building already. Continue reading

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