PSN breach – the bigger picture

The attacks (Hackers: 3, Sony: 0)

It shocked me when the first news of Playstation breach came out last week, affecting approximately 80 million customers.

Sony’s embarrassment further increased when SOE breach was added to PSN compromise.

While we are still awaiting PSN network to come back up online (Sony has said it requires more testing before Playstation relaunch), there’s been yet another attack against Sony networks. Continue reading

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Android blues

While reading Marco Armet’s blog about removing instapaper-for-free, I noticed something that has been happening to Android for a while now. Continue reading

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Joy – Beyond Cricket

And finally, India won! India: now the world champions in Cricket, truly deserving ones at that! You don’t get many moments in your life when tears roll down your eyes in happiness – so, when you get them, cherish them, forever!

Honestly, this unified feeling of more than a billion Indian cricket fans is ‘Literally Indescribable’ 🙂 Continue reading

Disinterest Vs Dislike

“I don’t give it a shit”

“Who cares?”

“Stop reporting non-issues”

These lines sound familiar to people who follow a lot of news stories, tech blogs or analysis aggregations around the web.

Okay. Let me put this straight – if you didn’t care you wouldn’t have landed on the page, you wouldn’t browsed the content neither would you have commented. Continue reading


In memory of Devka Mavshi

I am not sure if anyone can ever be prepared for losing someone forever – someone who cared for you unparalleled.

No one knows exactly when Mavshi (‘Aunt’ in Marathi) was born, perhaps no one cared that she was born, some time in 60s. Mavshi struggled all her childhood for food & shelter – destiny’s hated child. Later, she had to suffer a terrible married life. Yet, she never carried a negative baggage.

Continue reading